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Our company information

We Create, Design and Make it Real

GroupWork Technologies was founded in the year 2015 as a small development firm dedicated to the promotion and development of Applications. GroupWork Technologies is the first of its kind including network solutions, development, Cloud Techology, CCTV Solutions and many More. At GroupWork Technologies, we impart Development of open source and open source based value added applications. Initially founded with the encouragement of the local open source users and computer enthusiastic. GroupWork Technologies has fill date delivered applications to many Clients.

GroupWork Technologies keeps abreast with the latest innovative developments in the open source community, bringing the latest technology in to the development environment. GroupWork Technologies has Professional programmers on App Development, network, security, internals, programming and Databases on Linux and also on other Platforms. It is one of the the best software companies in Bengaluru.

Our Skills

Our Team has several kind of experienced IT Professionals to achive the client requirements.

Open Stack




PHP, Mysql, Maria DB


Word Press


Mobile App Development